Customised AI Solutions in the Cloud

We build AI and Generative AI applications that are fully integrated in your cloud infrastructure.

Our Services

We provide a variety of AI and Generative AI services.


Use chat assistants to extract insights from your internal data.

Semantic Search

Search through your data by meaning and association.

Autonomous Agents

Automate simple and complex processes with the help of AI.

Personal Assistants

Create conversational assistants with domain-specific knowlege.

Content Generation

Let AI generate content such as text, images, and more.

Content Classification

Autonomously classify content such as emails, tickets, and other documents.

Why Us?

100% Cloud

We support all major cloud providers, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

100% Control

No SaaS—you decide where and how your data is stored and processed.

100% Flexible

We build tailored solutions that address your use cases as precisely as possible.

100% Future

We use mature and hardened technologies that will be around for the long run.

Our Team

We are a motivated team of AI, cloud, and software enthusiasts.

Marco Fernandez

AI Architect

Daniel Weibel

Cloud Architect

Philipp Bürki

Software Architect



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